Monday, March 05, 2007

Coulter Was Right

What did she actually say?

“I’d say something about John Edwards, but if you say ‘faggot’ you have to go to rehab.”

Which is pretty incendiary if you start imagining how she would use that word in a sentence along with the words "John Edwards".

So I went looking for Coulter quotes. I found a whole pageful. Here is an undocumented quote from the page:

"In a war on terrorism, I could care less about regulating who sleeps with who."
Here is a page of quotes from her book 'How To Talk To A Liberal'.
"On the bright side, you know you've arrived when liberals start calling you a f@g. Curiously, these proponents of tolerance always choose "gay" as their most searing epithet. Joe McCarthy, J. Edgar Hoover, Matt Drudge, Starr's prosecutors, Linda Tripp's lawyer, Christopher Hitchens, Mel Gibson -- all these have been denounced as homosexuals at some point by liberals...Arguing with liberals instantly becomes a game of gay-baiting musical chairs. We just don't think they should get married. Liberals actually hate homosexuals." -- P. 15
Ann Coulter has a read and buy blog (so do I). She does have one of those chat thingies. I never liked that format. Ah well. I use it here and there.

In any case exactly what Coulter has predicted has come true. She is being beaten from one end of the political spectrum to the other based on how they imagine she would use the words "faggot" and "John Edwards" in a sentence.

It is now time to tie up Ann to a post. Gather (wooden) faggots and set them and her ablaze.

How about the audience reaction? Were they clapping her slur or were they clapping her breaking of PC (which was supposedly the point of her statement)?

Given how well Guiliani is doing in R polls I'd say the bigots in the party are a fringe at best. Or maybe not. Arnold "The Governator" calls effminate men "girly men". Which means in cruder language ..... So it is not about the sentiment. It is the words. So what are the acceptable terms for ..... ?

But I get it. Only Republicans can be bigots. In the same way that only white people can be racists. White Democrats exempted of course. Even Senator Byrd.

Did some one say PC?

Nov '08 is a very long ways away.

Since I'm not up on the latest acceptable terminology can some one tell me what Republicans can say? How about gay (is that word OK?) Republicans?

Can black people use the N... word but it is verbotten for white people?

I guess since I'm Jewish I can use kike, but Jew haters (actual or implied) had better watch out.

I live in Rockford and am a big Cheap Trick Fan. The "Dream Police" do not live inside my head. However, the language police are setting up housekeeping. I'm keeping an eye on them.

Well maybe the Dream Police do live inside my head:
I try to sleep, they're wide awake, they won't leave me alone.
They don't get paid to take vacations, or let me alone.
They spy on me, I try to hide, they won't let me alone.
They persecute me, they're the judge and jury all in one.
Ann has just used language jujitsu on us.

She is using our momentum for her own purposes.

Clever girl.

I love the dance she does when she delivers the line and then responds to the crowd. She practiced that one. And delivered it perfectly.

The Lenny Bruce of our day. BTW I saw his last appearance in Chicago at the Gate of Horn. Brilliant. All about words you couldn't say and holding up the Playmate of the Month picture and asking why that was obscene? Plus a lot of references to schtupping. I went with my girlfriend Joan. Fun girl.

Update: I went looking for Lenny Bruce stuff and found this list of his routines for his last act at the Gate of Horn.
Intro, King Kong Routine, Paul Molloy & Christianity, Entrapment by Cops, Sex is Dirty?, Imprisonment, War Criminals, Infidelity, How to relax colored people, Talks to lady in audience, Jewish Theater, Christ & Moses, The Milwaukee Gig, Cops, Flashlights & Bottles, Who's a fag, Drugs, The Bust
Some of them I remember: "Sex Is Dirty?", "Drugs" stand out. I don't remember "Who's a fag". It is probably in the trial transcript (he was arrested after the show was over or the show was over after he was arrested, my memory is hazy on that part).

He was way ahead of his time. It appears he still is.


Update 06 March '07 18:13z

Eric at Classical Values has a different point of view.

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Doug said...

Coin the term "John Edwards" as an epithet to use to represent the reality of who he is:

The slimiest snake in the human jungle.

It is an insult to fags to mention him in the same breath.

Doug said...

You might enjoy the link I just put up on the medal of honor thread.
Wretchard just posted on it yesterday.

M. Simon said...


I get an e-mail notification with complete text of every comment. Including working links and plain urls.

Doug said...

I'll stop bothering you with these unneeded posts.
Where do you turn that on?

M. Simon said...


Settings - comments

Comment notification address at thas bottom.

BTW do you know how to turn on the "Links to this post" function so you can click on the links?

Doug said...

Sorry, I know a bit about HTML and CSS, but next to nothing about Blogger.

You might ask Whit or Deuce at the Elephant Bar, they are pretty helpful.
If you don't, I probably will just to decrease my own ignorance a bit.

linearthinker said...

Had a friend at East High in Rockford name of Gaylord. Good guy. Often wondered how Gay took to havin' his name took over by queers.

Give 'em hell, Annie.

Hows come we never hear any gripes about Rush callin' him the Breck girl?

I keep my house warm with faggots. What's that make me?

Hope theres no mis-spellin's in this. I jus got hom from the Hook & Ladder Bar in Clovis. :-)

allen said...

m. simon,

Do you remember Bruce's routine "My Friend Flicka", said with that certain, telltale lisssp?

What troubles me most is the acceptance by the so-called conservatives (like Malkin, Ed Morrissey, ACU and CPAC) of the possibility of "hate speech" (and, hence, "hate crimes") within the American conservative lexicon.