Monday, March 05, 2007

Palestinians Agree - No Unity Government

The Palestinians so far agree that they cannot agree.

Palestinian Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas and Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh failed to make progress on talks toward forming a unity government, an official said early Monday.

Government spokesman Ghazi Hamad said they hoped to present a government by the end of the period allotted to Haniyeh, which expires in two weeks.

Earlier, officials expressed hopes that the Cabinet could be named his week. The leaders met for three hours in Gaza, leaving just after midnight without talking to reporters. Abbas had arrived in the Strip for what his aides described as "decisive" talks with Haniyeh to patch up differences over the composition and political platform of the proposed government.

Before the two rival faction leaders met, a war of words erupted between Fatah and Hamas, with each side accusing the other of seeking to derail the Mecca agreement.
Translation: Hamas feels it is strong enough so that it no longer has to lie to the West the way Arafat did. Hamas says no to the renunciation of violence, no to the the recognition of Israel, and no to the adherence to past peace agreements. Pretty much a thumb in the eye to Abbas who prefers to say one thing to the West and another to the Arab Palestinians. He knows the money flows better when he plays that game.

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