Saturday, March 10, 2007

It Is Not Just About The Next Move

We know the anti-Iraq War types hate genocide.

If one starts when we leave will we be willing to go back to stop it?

How about a general Mid East war starts. What then?

How likely are these possibilities and what should our contingent plans be?

It is not just about the next move.

The Democrats are selling that if we get out of Iraq all will be well. Maybe. What if Iran gives free passage to our enemies from Iraq so they can fight us in Afghanistan? Afghanistan is better terrain for guerilla warfare.

Then what?

We need to do a reckoning of probable costs as well as the likely profits. So far the Democrats have been running a great con. Keep your mind on the immediate profit and ignore the ballon payment that will be required later. Which is exactly what got us into WW2. Do we really have to repeat history?

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