Friday, October 20, 2006

Will Jordan Go Islamist?

Will Jordan go Islamist in its next election? Commenter Abu Nopal has found an interesting tid bit on a Jordanian blog. They are discussing a possible postponement of Jordanian elections.

The next day, Rana Sabbagh, drew a nightmare scenario in which an Islamist victory in Jordan would unite with the Hamas government in Palestine to form an Islamist state in Jordan and parts of Palestine. She highlights the fact that leading Jordanian Islamists view the 1988 disengagement between Jordan and the West Bank as unconstitutional (Hamas leaders don’t recognize the disengagement either). She draws her concerns from unnamed officials and influential MP’s (who have a vested interest in extending the life of the current parliament). Her analysis is that the parliamentary elections will be delayed for a year or two.


Duchess Of Austin said...

Uh, 'scuse me, but doesn't Jordan have a king? Why would Abdullah allow the Islamists to take over his country?

Pardon me if this is naive, but can't he just....execute them?

M. Simon said...

That is the whole question.

Will the King delay the elections.

I'm not up on the nuances of the Jordanian political system. I gleaned that out of the article.

Karridine said...

MSimon, the king of Jordan may very well be like other kings in this day, ie, a useful figurehead, and somewhat powerful IN CERTAIN CIRCUMSTANCES, but subject to swift and permanent termination if he tries to go against the Islamo-fascists!