Friday, October 13, 2006

Over the Next Hill

I was born on Friday the Thirteenth in 1944. Sixty two today.

Elligible for Social Security.

I feel 40 and think 20.

Not bad.

Friday the Thirteenth has been very good to me. Not so good for people who have certain phobias.


Duchess Of Austin said...

It's funny, but Friday the 13th has always been a good day for me. Hope this one is no different!

Happy Birthday!!! And many, many more to you...

linearthinker said...

Happy Birthday, Simon!

I harbored a dread of Friday the 13th for decades. I had a cousin, a naval aviator and Korean War ace, who was killed in a training mission on Fri the 13th. About 10 years ago I got to thinking about it, and decided as far as fate was concerned, I had no control there, but if it was an inter-personal issue, I'd just do my best to make it unlucky for the other guy.