Sunday, October 22, 2006


Dr. Sanity has a piece up about Ted Kennedy's work for the Soviets. The good Dr. Starts with the source of this information CyberCast News Service. Who sources it to political science professor Paul Kengor, of Grove City College and the author of new book, The Crusader: Ronald Reagan and the Fall of Communism.Then the Dr. gets to the heart of the matter:

What interests me is the transformation of the Democratic Party into a tool that every major enemy of this country--from the North Vietnamese, to the Soviets, to the Syrians all the way up to the present day-- has been able to use to advance their objectives at the expense of America. As Feldman notes, this does indeed give new meaning to the term "opposition party".

It also give new clarity to one of the issues that I have talked about on this blog repeatedly, and that is the complete betrayal by the political left in this country of the values and freedoms upon which the U.S. was founded.

How easily they deceived themselves (if it was deception at all) into thinking that they had more in common with the communist party leadership of the USSR than with the duly elected president of the U.S. How easily people like John Kerry supported and enabled the dictators of North Vietnam. Is it any susrprise at all that today, in our war on terror, that this same political party and the same deluded base that animates them see the terrorists as the oppressed victims and the US as the evil oppressors?
It is not so much that they think all these dictators are good (that illusion no longer holds up well). It is that the enemy of my enemy.... And their enemy is American capitalism. They long for the old tribal way of life. This is evidenced by their identity politics. They are not so much a party as a collection of tribes. Interestingly tribes are inherently collectivist. So that may be another point of affinity.


Flower Child said...

Hello. Excellent Article Here.

The new left is really in a quandry! They think that they are Democrats.

Check out my post for the story on the Cuban Missile Crisis.

Keep up the great work.

M. Simon said...

flower child's Cuban Missle Crisis.

BTW I was a reactor operator on the Bainbridge - DLGN-25

Tonkin Bay Yacht Club '66.