Monday, October 09, 2006

Don't Mean Nothin

North Korea claims to have set off a nuke. Steve Den Beste says it may be a misfire. Others belive it may have been a sub-critical test.

Politically a lot of folks are blaming Clinton. However Clinton may have taken steps to redeem his failure to prevent the North Korean nuclear program from advancing to the stage it has reached now.

Clinton shipped a lot of Plutonium to Japan in 1999.

Perhaps what we are seeing is not Clinton's failure but China's revenge.

Joining the Club

Clayton Cramer gets technical.

Westhawk looks at ther politics. H/T Carol Herman

The Amateur's Guide to Nuclear Weapons Design. H/T Commenter Paul

Plutonium Isotopes suggested in another thread by commenter AMac

Update: I changed the Den Beste link now that there is a permalink available to his page on the subject.

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Anonymous said...


Ah, hitting the "refresh" button brought me to your latest. (Someday, I'll discover how computers work.)

Oh, how wonderful to see STEVE DEN BESTE! I'm in heaven.

And, I think it pays to know that Bush plays his cards real slow. He's let the french step in it, big time. Because they can't withdraw their feet from the stink of #1701.

It's a very slow game. And, meant to be so, as well. While both russia and china are slowly dying, ECONOMICALLY. The cancer erodes these despots. (As it erodes Castro's flesh.)

And, the UN is DOOMED. From where I sit, I now project that there will be a "coalition" of the willing. NoKo will be blockaded. FINALLY GIVING OUR NAVY SOMETHING TO DO! And, so will Iran. (Where Iran might want to try sending off a missile to sink a carrier.) They're nuts enough. BUT ARE THEY "THAT" NUTS?