Saturday, October 28, 2006

Webb Is Hot

I was listening to Rush Limbaugh Friday. Rush was hot. His show was full of Republican pornography, after giving fair warning to children and adults.

He read excerpts from Webb's book.

Webb seems like the perfect politician. He knows what the public wants.

Democracy, whiskey, sexy.


For background on this story and a few "I deplore"s see Captain's Quarters and Instapundit

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linearthinker said...

Allen's counterattack on Webb will boost sales of Webb's books. Which Webb will need for steady income after the election.

Very tittalating stuff there.

Webb does have a First Amendment right to publish. And afterall, he was only widening our cultural awareness. For instance, I never knew that putting a toddler's privates in one's mouth was a cultural thing, and therefore to be honored and accepted, until Rush (and Drudge) brought Allen's attack on Webb to my attention.

It sure pays to stay current with the news.