Friday, August 12, 2011

The Women's Vote

I was looking at the women's vote in the 2008 election. And came across this:

Women's votes were a significant factor in Senator Barack Obama's victory, with a sizable gender gap evident in the election results....Women strongly preferred Obama to Senator John McCain (56 percent for Obama, 43 percent for McCain), unlike men, who split their votes about evenly for the two presidential candidates (49 percent for Obama, 48 percent for McCain).
The Republicans have their work cut out for them.

Take my own mate. I was telling her before the election that Obama would be a communist disaster. She voted for Obama anyway. When I asked her why, she said she didn't like Palin. Not because of Palin's policy positions. Nope. She didn't like the way Palin talked. Ugh.

BTW the mate now agrees with me that Obama is a disaster. And we voted in Illinois which went solidly for Obama. So two canceled votes. Not important. What is important is the attitude.

Sometimes I despair that we ever gave women the vote. Just kidding honey. Well, maybe not. (I'm in the dog house now - if she reads this).

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Nom de Blog said...

No offense to your wife, who I'm sure is a wonderful woman... but the problem with her vote isn't that she's a woman, the problem is that she's an insufferable snob who would vote against someone merely because of their accent, ignoring any other aspects of personality or qualification. There are, unfortunately, too many people who vote on that kind of superficial basis, of both genders.