Thursday, August 11, 2011

Nazi Twins Give Up Racism After Smoking Pot

I wonder if any one has told the President? The whole story is here.

It's only mid-afternoon, but I'm confident this is the strangest story that's going to cross my desk all day. A pair of twins who caused a media frenzy a few years ago by presenting themselves as the cute faces of white supremacist racism have renounced their former hatred, saying that medical marijuana has helped them see the error of their ways.
Too funny!

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linearthinker said...

It's good they found the way in Montana before now. I understand the legislature and governor are gutting the medical marijuana statue, so it's likely they'd have different outcomes if they moved to Montana today.

M. Simon said...

Bad news that.

On a different note did you see the Weed and Guns post? You really should watch the movie. It is great.