Sunday, August 28, 2011

Throwing The Election

In Christophobia I discussed how making the Republican 2012 Campaign for President a religious crusade could be a disaster.

I gave the example of an election campaign for Federal Senator run on that basis. I looked at the numbers in Obama/Keyes vs Kerry/Bush and found that Keyes lost almost 60% of the votes of his own party.

Now I'm wondering if this isn't an intentional strategy to throw the election to Obama?

If only the Republicans would stick to Fiscal Responsibility, Constitutionally limited government and Free Markets. Speaking of the Constitution, did anyone notice a Drug Prohibition Amendment?

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1 comment: United States Marijuana Party said...

Where in the Bible does it say to look for a sign?

Hurricane Irene SPLIT my largest and oldest APPLE tree today.

No, not any of my cherry trees,
just the biggest old apple tree
which has lived through a lot of history.

Hurricane Irene did not knock the whole thing down, she SPLIT it.

Now, is that a message, or what?

I see a political message.

What do you see in my photos of the apple tree?
apple tree split

Should we split apart the MONOPOLY that the Republicans and Democrats have on this country?

Are the Republicans and Democrats, both of which receive campaign donations from the SAME groups as proven at
campaign finance reports
really just branches of the same tree?