Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Welfare Or Darwin

In many places, government workers are mainstays of the Black middle class.

And when government runs out of money?

The Jews did not attach themselves to government. And look at the result. Everywhere they are given a chance.

Look at real Nobels. About .2% of the world population is Jewish. Something like 20% of the real Nobels are to Jews.

We don’t see anything like that among the Blacks. If anything the reverse. They are under represented.


It is in part a result of a changed environment. Ordinary manual labor no longer pays. We saw that coming in the “John Henry – Steel Driving Man” song. That is rather an old song. Over one hundred years old. And now we have microprocessors to replace humans on the assembly line. Engineers design products to be assembled by machine. If the volumes are high enough. And the low volume stuff requires a more skilled worker.


Well there is still trade. Except the licensing Depts of all the Urbans are controlled by the Unions or other entrenched interests. You often have to buy your way into the guild – think Taxi Medallion. Or hair cutting schools.

And then all the paperwork and depts that must be satisfied. And deposits for this or that government “service”.

And you wonder why there is such interest in the dope trade? Simple. You go to the “man” and ask him, “I want to sell dope. How much can you front me?” And if you make a deal you are in business. No paperwork. No regulations to satisfy. All you have to do is find customers and avoid predators (police). Might I add that paying your suppliers on time is a very important business practice in this market.

Well anyway. Engineering and politics have designed low skill work out of our economy. The alternative is welfare or Darwin. Neither pretty choices.

At the margins there are things that can be done – make hiring cheaper is one thing. That helps the low skilled. Eliminate the minimum wage. A neat little way to keep the low skilled and unskilled out of the market.


Fix this? Progressives are going to have to be reduced. Short of war this takes time.

Of course the “Conservative” attachment to the Drug War needs to be reduced as well. But overall the Conservatives are more in touch with reality.


From a comment I made at Why Blue Can’t Save The Inner Cities Part I

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