Thursday, August 11, 2011

New Gun Control Regulations

Forty Nine states have open or concealed carry laws. And yet Obama wants to impose new regulations unauthorized by law. All this because the government sent a LOT of guns to Mexico. I'm sure this is not a vote getter for Obama. I wonder if he is going to run in 2012?

Gun industry representatives said they would file lawsuits Wednesday challenging new gun-control measures by the Obama administration, an effort the nation's top lawyer vowed to "vigorously oppose."

The Justice Department, facing growing questions over Operation Fast and Furious, a controversial sting targeting Mexican drug cartels and American gunrunners, announced last month that it would begin requiring firearms dealers along the nation’s Southwest border to report multiple sales of certain semi-automatic rifles. The department said such rifles are "highly sought after by dangerous drug trafficking organizations," and the new measures would help "detect and disrupt" weapons trafficking networks.
I think if we could get the government to stop shipping guns to Mexico it might have a much more significant effect.

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