Monday, August 22, 2011

I Have A Running Clue

In Running? I was asking the question: "Is Sarah Palin running?" A topic that really captures my interest. Obviously some research is in order. So I'm reading the comments at the Hill Buzz piece I linked to earlier and found this little gem:


Kevin, there appears to be an "easter egg" on the Tea Party of America website. If you go to and hover over the "Events" button with your mouse, the alt text says "Restoring America Presidential Event". I think this is it! Sarah has been heavily promoting the event, which is very unusual for her. And this video is most definitely a campaign video. So exciting!
The teapartyofamerica site has been updated (as noted in the next comment). But this is the link from the "Events" button at the bottom of the page:

Which of course is proof of absolutely nothing. I think I'm getting the vapors.

Update: I was looking at the MapQuest map for Indianola, Iowa and found that I could leave Rockford, travel through Dixon, Illinois (Reagan's home) and be in Indianola in 5 hours and 7 minutes. Only about 15 minutes longer by scenic Route 2 than the fastest route. Wouldn't that be some fun? Plus it is the first mate's birthday. Unfortunately she is no Palin fan. Seriously honey. A good looking woman with a very libertarian husband? Sounds like another couple I know. Personally. Nice try buddy. Will it work? Hope springs eternal. But I probably ought to give that one a rest.

In any case, could some one going do me a favor? I'd like to see a sign like:

It's The Constitution? Where Is The Drug Prohibition Amendment?

at the event. And please. Take pictures and report anecdotes if you do. I'll post them.

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