Friday, August 05, 2011

Gone Are The Days

We sure got some crazy 'Merkins about these days. Eric is discussing a few who want to put an end to egg eating because you know - an egg is a chicken - or something. Which reminded me of a little adventure I had when I was four or five.

My dad once owned a chicken. Bought special for the occasion. So he only owned it for a few days. Then one fine morning in Charlottesville, VA, at the foot of Monticello where we lived he axe murdered the chicken on an old stump. The chicken then began running around the yard like a chicken with its head cut off. It didn’t last long.

Which gave me a valuable lesson in life which I have never forgotten:

“Try to keep your head on your shoulders. It generally works better that way.”

Seen it with my own eyes.

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linearthinker said...

I recall a day about the same time when an entire poultry crate of chicken necks met the axe. Must have been a big corn boil and fried chicken fest, or something. Headless chickens running amok all over the yard. And then it was time to pluck 'em. A steaming laundry tub filled with scalding hot water, it soon turned bloody red. I can smell it now.

Not trying to one-up you, Simon. Just sharing common experiences.

linearthinker said...

That was in Rockford, btw.