Thursday, August 18, 2011

Observing The Mentally Ill

I got a link from Instapundit to an article bashing the usual and continued left wing idiocy and especially its connection to the recent flash riots. Comments like this one pop-up regularly in such posts.

It’s all just more evidence that liberals are mentally ill. They cannot figure out cause and effect. Logic and facts do not sway them from their ideas.
You want to see mental illness? Just ask a conservative about the Drug War. Their little contribution to the mess.

There is no better promoter of outlaw culture than a prohibition regime. In fact we have recent American historical experience to prove that proposition. Alcohol Prohibition 1920 to 1933. Even criminals hate criminals who take stuff from them. In fact stealing from criminals is a very dangerous occupation. But criminals who can deliver something the government won't allow? Those boys and girls get respect. Glorification even.

Most Americans don't worship law and government. The worshipers are going to have to get over it. I'd hate to have to Party Like It Is 1773 all over again. That goes for the worshipers of the State on the Right and The Left. I actually like the Lefties better because they don't hide their love. The Righties are clever though. "I hate big government except for..." is how they rally the troops. Seriously. What are we to think of a country that has declared war on 5% to 10% of its citizens on account of they have habits which some others find distasteful?

Those condemned to history are bound to repeat it.

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