Thursday, June 23, 2011

We Have A Smart President

The President is finally speaking sense:

“The proposition that the government is always right is manifested either in corruption or benefits to ‘preferred’ companies,” he said.

“My choice is different. The… economy ought to be dominated by private businesses and private investors. The government must protect the choice and property of those who willingly risk their money and reputation.”

[He] said that the country must begin to attack the problem immediately to avoid “the point of no return from the (economic) models that are moving the country backwards.”

“Corruption, hostility to investment, excessive government role in the economy and the excessive centralization of power are the taxes on the future that we must and will scrap,” he said.
Of course the "we" who have this smart President is the collective "we" (heh). Because it is the President of Russia.

H/T Dave of Classical Values. Well more than a hat tip actually. I practically stole the whole thing from him. But it was a really good idea. And I had to give it my own twist.

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