Thursday, June 02, 2011

Easily Overshadowed

Sarah Palin has apologized to the Romney Campaign for making it invisible in New Hampshire. It is just a coincidence.

"It's coincidental that we are in the same territory at the same time, but more power to Mitt as he mounts his campaign and best of luck to him," she added.

Yet Palin also took a shot at Romney over the health care law he signed as Massachusetts governor.

"Romneycare" looks not unlike the controversial "Obamacare" federal health care law passed by Democrats in 2010 and reviled on the right; both feature a mandate that residents purchase health insurance, which is at the center of conservative legal challenges to the federal law.
Well yeah. He is vulnerable on RomneyCare. He is also vulnerable on ethanol subsidies. None the less he will be the Republican nominee for President according to the LSM talking heads. It is inevitable. Unless something unexpected happens.

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