Saturday, June 18, 2011

Strange Number

I got a call from 815-518-1111. I picked up the phone and there was silence for a short while and then an automated voice said "Goodbye." So I used Caller's Profile to get a line on them. Here is what I found out: The phone number in question is located in Coal City, Illinois and it is a land line. I called the number and got an ear splitting tone. It is probably a FAX line - at least with respect to incoming calls.

There seems to be a fair amount of this going on judging by a Google search on "telephone automated voice goodbye" and reading a few of the pages the search turned up.

Supposedly putting yourself on the Government Do Not Call list fixes this. We shall see.


Foobarista said...

This is a "quality control" automated call by someone wanting to see how many of the numbers in a phone list they're buying or selling are "hot" and answered by a human.

M. Simon said...