Wednesday, June 29, 2011

The Abortion Question Again

Ah. Yes. Abortion Prohibition. The stupidest idea Conservatives have had since they joined with Progressives to bring us Alcohol Prohibition.

Do you really want government to be concerned with the vaginas of your women? No. Of course not. It is the vaginas of "other women" that need policing.


What happens when Bill Clinton is in charge of the Vagina Patrol? If we are lucky all he will want is pictures. Just imagine what such an organization would be like if it was corrupt. And it will be. It will be.


RavingDave said...

It is not about vaginas. It is about killing. It is about blood and death of innocent lives, much as the issue of slavery was.

I suppose you would describe that as a "cotton issue", and castigate those who make a fuss over it.

APL said...

I'll go with Raving Dave on this issue. Not a particularly religious person but "Thou shalt not kill" seems a pretty good ordinance. And Thou shalt not kill the most vulnerable among you, equally good.

M. Simon said...


Well of course the morality is obvious. (In rich countries with plenty of food anyway).

What is also obvious is that policing such a ban will get very ugly.


There are two parties in America today. Those that trust government and those that don't. The trusters are all the Ds and half the Rs.

And then there are the rest of us.


The only Pro-Life Organization I have found so far that says it is not the business of government to change hearts and minds on this subject. It is theirs:

Rockford Pro Life


The government is barely able to keep order on the streets. And you want them to police the most intimate (available) part's of your or your mate's and daughter's anatomy?

Are you nuts.


I worry about fellers like you. The best of intentions too. And then the Democrats get in and use every power you have given government against you.


Or perhaps I should rephrase that. Government lovers. There is some evidence it is a genetic defect. Currently uncurable. My condolences.


Of course you are right D. It is not about vaginas. But if you get your way it will be.

The scene of the crime will need to be searched extensively by those forensically trained and if not who ever is available.


Are you forgetting what the Drug War has done for SWAT teams? Watch those student loans buddy. You don't want the 3 AM knock followed by the flash bang grenades and possible accidental discharge of automatic weapons just because your student loans are not up to date.

RavingDave said...

How difficult is it to throw abortionists in jail?

APL said...

"What is also obvious is that policing such a ban will get very ugly."

Doesn't need to, in the first instance we simply need to withdraw state subsidy from the abortion clinics.

Second remove state subsidy from medical intervention in fertility treatment.

Thirdly, encourage adoption. There are plenty of respectable folk who would happily adopt a child.

M.Simon: "the usual pointless discussion ensued."

I'd hardly describe three comments as a discussion. But what did you expect, on this issue largely anyone who has thought about it has established their opinion.

Anonymous said...

A computer generated hooker being beaten will always elicit more sympathy than a real prostitute.

A cartoon character's rights to market access and copyright protection will always be more important than real kids dying in a North Korean death camp.

A brainless blob of cells and scum will always have rights which real, sentient humans can only dream of.

Trees and owls are given greater respect than humans in pain.

I guess that, down deep, humanity has come to hate itself as much as I have come to.

Go! Rescue your slimy fetuses from "murder" and your video game characters from "violence". I'll spend my time and money tracking down & supporting the companies that might bring forth Skynet to hunt your heroic human asses down in a metal storm of death.