Thursday, September 04, 2008

The Orange Revolution

Did anyone notice all the orange in the crowd at the Republican Convention? Some Democrats did.

Comment by Zeke 2008-09-04 00:12:23

Any one know what the Orange cloths were? A number of women were waving Orange polyester fabric around and unless they were from the “Sovereign State of Tennessee” I would like to buy a vowel…

Comment by WMCB | 2008-09-04 00:23:54

Orange is the color of PUMA. Hillary wore it for her speech last week. The entire Alaskan delegation decided to wave Orange as a shout out to PUMAs.

And John McCain wore an orange tie.
And what is PUMA? Here is an explanation. The very short version: Hillary supporters. Disaffected Democrats.

Here is what Zeke thought when it was explained to him:
Comment by Zeke 2008-09-04 00:59:56

I had hoped that was what I saw…

If that isn’t laying out the welcome mat, I’ve never seen it!
How cool is that? PUMA’s at the Republican Convention. Did you see all the Country First signs?

This could be the start of real cooperation. The sort of thing that turns nations around. Knowing there is a higher calling than party, and that it is called Country First.

My hope has truly been revived.
This election has all the makings of a landslide. For the Republicans. Not only are Republicans fired up for the McCain/Palin ticket. So are a lot of Democrats. The Republicans are in touch with the pulse of the voters this year.

Of course when I first learned Sara was the pick I was fired up. It only took the rest of the Nation five more days to catch on. Wooo Hooo.

I ♥ Sarah'cudda and Johnny Mac

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Nick said...

I say don't count your landslides until they knock down a few houses and telephone polls. They way I see it is that this is still Obama's election to lose and he hasn't lost it yet.

True, he is sucking and making terrible mess of it, but he still has a whole lot of potential to pull it out and win this.

rumcrook said...

sure he does, but ive noticed a terrible flaw, he comes off as not tough enough outside the parameter of teleprompter speaches, the republicans have siezed on this weakness, palin does not have this weakness in fact she thrives in front of the camera in political combat and she is at ease in a way I never saw from hillary. barack beat out two things in the dem world, a weak hillary and even glossier more empty pretty vessels than himself in his male oponents. now he's going up against substance.

..mcain picked his pitbull with lipstick and hes gonna let her rip it up.

Anonymous said...

A more appropriate description is the "law breaking, secessionist bitch with Reich paint on her face"...

al fin said...

When Putin tells Obama to drop his pants and bend over, Obama's only question will be "should I squeal like a pig?"

It's easy to visualize that scenario. With McCain, you would expect a different response to Putin's demands.

Or in Palin's case, you would expect Putin to be castrated before he could take another breath.