Sunday, September 21, 2008

A Few Democrats Involved In Florida Scandals

It appears that one Democrat has family adding to the illegal immigration problem.

WASHINGTON — Florida Rep. Allen Boyd's son was arrested in Arizona Sunday and charged with human smuggling after K-9 dogs allegedly sniffed out individuals hiding in the bed of his truck.

John F. Boyd attempted to drive through a Border Patrol security check in Willcox, court documents revealed, according to KVOA-TV in Phoenix. Five illegal aliens, including a 6-year-old girl, were found in the truck.

The criminal complaint obtained by KVOA states, "At the primary inspection area, a Border Patrol K-9 alerted to the possible presence of illegal aliens in the bed of the truck. A primary inspection agent approached the truck and saw an individual hiding under a piece of plywood in the bed of the truck."

The documents also say the illegal immigrants planned to pay $3,000 each to Boyd to smuggle them into the final destination in the United States.

The vehicle contained "two plastic bags that contained several rocks of crystal methamphetamine, four unopened syringes, a spoon with white residue and burn marks on the bottom, and three knives. A further search of the vehicle revealed a Beretta 22LR pistol loaded with eight rounds of ammunition and a spare magazine loaded with eight rounds of ammunition in a suitcase in the bed of the truck," read documents cited by KVOA.
Whew. That is a relief. For a minute I thought he might have been one of those gun ban guys. And BTW some one needs to wise up the Democrats when it comes to crime. One at a time boys. One at a time.

OK. There is another Democrat in Florida who seems to be having some social problems.
The discrepancies in where Mahoney claims his primary residence and the address listed on his voter I.D. card (a barn) are supposedly due to the fact that Mahoney and his wife no longer share the same address.

Apparently, Tim Mahoney, through one of his consultants, has paid a former staffer, Trish Allen, $250,000 in hush money to keep a sexual harassment lawsuit brought by Mrs. Allen against Congressman Mahoney from the public view.

This is the reason for the conflicting addresses.

Mrs. Allen has already sat down with her family and explained to them that there was a good possibility that this may be made public and to be prepared.
Click on the link to get the full story on this and links to sources. Plus dirt on other Florida Cong. Critters.

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