Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Political Troll Activity

Hill Buzz is asking: have you seen a decline in troll activity? Well this is one decline I'm not hiding. They frame their question in a Star Wars theme. Here is my in kind response to the Boyz from Chicago's Boys Town.

Political troll activity at my blogs has been down significantly since Nov. 2008.

I also do a lot of climate stuff and the troll action on that subject has all but disappeared since about early 2008.

Traffic at my blogs runs 2K to 4K daily. With the occasional Instapundit peak.

There was a slight increase at the beginning of ClimateGate but that dropped off within a few days. I was one of the first non-science blogs to pick up the story and I got a LOT of traffic from that.

I’m reminded of Star Wars too. But more of Darth Vader brooding after one of his plans went awry.

The Rebel Alliance is holding up well.
As some one remarked in response:

“The Rebel Alliance is holding up well.”


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