Monday, January 11, 2010

The Money Bomb

Massachusetts may be in the process of electing a Republican to take Ted Kennedy's old seat. His name? Scott Brown.

Our good friend Abbey in Cleveland called us last night and said, “You’re not going to believe this. So sit down”.

She then went on to explain that she’s making her FIRST EVER political donation today – sending $200 to Scott Brown’s campaign. Abbey has never given a cent to anyone running for office, because she says “they have enough money already and I hate most of them”. She didn’t even donate to Hillary Clinton’s campaign, though she phone banked, canvassed and helped in other ways. She didn’t even donate to Sarah Palin’s VP campaign last year, but once again she did help.

Well, Abbey’s taking part in the Scott Brown Money Bomb today.


“This man is the only thing that can stop the socialists from taking over this country. He is our last and only hope. So, I’m putting my money where my mouth is this time. $200 is all I’ve got to spare, but it’s Scott Brown’s if he wants it. I’m sending it to him so he can kick some a** in the Senate and put those damn fools on notice that Americans are not going to take their socialist crap anymore. I’m fired up, I’m donating, I want that man to beat back those socialists and get them all Hell”.
The goal of today's money bomb was $500,000. They passed that. A new goal was set $750,000. They passed that. There is a little over 5 hours until midnight (Mass. time). I want to help him to get over $1,000,000 before midnight. Thus this post.

For a hunky picture of Scott, Hill Buzz has the goods.

Hill Buzz also has some of Scott's centerfold pictures.

Any way. Those of you in this cash starved economy who can should send Scott some cash. A popular donation is $41, which stands for the 41st Senator against the socialist machine now ruling the country. And note I said ruling - not governing. Time to put the brakes on the aristocrats who don't want us to eat cake. They want it ALL for themselves.

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Anonymous said...

For a hunky picture of Scott, Hill Buzz has the goods...Hill Buzz also has some of Scott's centerfold pictures

Well, now we know the REAL reason Msimon wants this guy in office. Sounds like you smoke more than just weed for fun - perhaps a little man pole as well?

Of course, you're gonna be fighting Rumcrook and Linearthinker for your fair share of the man pole.

linearthinker said...

Taking a break from constructing your Lego Tokamak, 99?

Here's some entertainment for ya.


RavingDave said...

I sent him $50.00 two weeks ago and wished him luck. I just got an email from him today asking for more! ha ha ha


M. Simon said...


Politicians run to form. No matter what Party or persuasion.

As my grandpapy used to say: "They are all crooks".

You still have to choose the lesser evil. Good on ya mate!

M. Simon said...



Anonymous said...


So, tell us, did you pay handsomely for your little prostitute last night? Or did LT lay out the cash for both of you??

ZenDraken said...

I smell a fart. Did someone fart in here?

Maybe it was just 99% of a fart.