Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Tom Ligon On The Space Show

Tom Ligon will be on the Space Show at 9 PM CDT, 22 December 2009. That is this evening. The Maker willing and if the technical details work out I will be joining him.

You can listen live at the link.

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Anonymous said...

1. (11:24) Msimon..please learn how to pronounce "tokamak" (TOH-kuh-mak). You sound like someone who has never heard of one.
2. (16:40) So, nobody except Nebel knows anything about results...surprise, surpise!
3. (26:15) Tom...for God's's pronouned "REG-uh-lith", not "RHEE-GO-LITH"!!
4. (40:28) Tom - your view of peer review is incredibly biased, particularly with the statement about "most" peer review consisting of "looking at the citations" to determine if a paper is good. That's complete nonsense.
5. (42:20) Msimon says his link to Georgy Miley is: "My daughter goes to the school where Miley teaches..." I am still laughing....
6. (50:20) This show is like Wayne's it out of Livingston's basement?
7. (51:30) come I'm not surprised that Livingston is a climate denier...
8. (1:06:25) I was waiting for Msimon to pull Krall's quote out of his ass...and here it is!
9. (1:09:29) Lerner is a complete joke, I really hope you don't have hopes pinned to him.
10. (1:10:40) Msimon, so your an expert in SAR techniques too now....I guess we'll add that to your list of specialties.
11. (1:13:30) Msimon with his "the little guys will cheer"....David and Goliath right? That's one of your main motivations isn't it? To prove that Goliath is wrong.
12. (1:14:30) What is strong about the IEC 2009 papers? Not one paper demonstrated any published results in any peer-reviewed literature.
13. (1:26:50) "At least two extremely large companies..." - You mean you don't know if it was more than two??
14. (1:28:40) "Extraordinary claims requires extraordinary evidence" ...good question...where IS your EVIDENCE?
15. (1:29:40) The healthcare debate was just mentioned....I am waiting for Simon to expose his right-wing political agenda...bummer, looks like he won't bite...I'm betting his face is beet red right now and steam is coming out of his ears!
16. (1:32:10) FYI for the audience...the vast majority of posts (by at least 2x) at 'Talk-Polywell' are in the 'General' section, which has nothing to do with IEC fusion...almost entirely political trash. Msimon is a big poster there. That should give you a good idea about the primary content of this site.
17. (1:43:30) Simon again says..."We will know in two years"....Don't hold your breath, boys!

M. Simon said...


It is so nice to have a fan who hangs on to my every word. And follows what I do on such short notice.

linearthinker said...


By now you should know he has nothing better to do. It's lonely down there in mom's basement.

APL said...

99%: "7. (51:30) come I'm not surprised that Livingston is a climate denier..."

Climate denier, Climate denier???

Come on Mr. 99% truthfully you mean 'Climate change denier', more accurately 'Anthropogenic Climate Change' denier.

Who the hell is a climate denier?

Anonymous said...

Hey Linearstinker,

Let me know if you need any help pronouncing any of the two syllable words you encounter in your travels. What with your 6th grade education and all...

And it's not my Mother's's your daughter's bedroom.