Sunday, December 06, 2009

Iran Is Having A Party

Students in Iran are planning a street dance and other kinds of entertainment for their rulers.

Iran's Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei blasted the United States and other Western countries for stirring up trouble inside Iran, a day before students are expected to hold peaceful demonstrations on university campuses across Iran.

Both the Iranian government and student opposition activists are gearing up for what many are expecting will be a large turnout of demonstrators, Monday, on university campuses across the country.

December 7 is known as "national students' day" in Iran, and it marks the anniversary of the 1953 slaying of three students by Shah Mohammed Reza Pahlevi's security forces, following a coup against populist Prime Minister Mohammed Mosadegh, earlier that year

Eyewitnesses say hundreds of students have received threatening emails, this week, warning them not to participate in Monday's demonstrations. Pro-government Basij militia members are also reported to be present in large numbers on campuses across the country.

Internet connection speeds in Iran are also reported to be extremely slow, amid word the government is again trying to hamper communications between Iranians and the outside world. Foreign media have also been warned not to cover Monday's rallies.
I guess it is the Iranian version of ClimateGate. The word will get out. Eventually.

And how about that blaming America deal? Martha and the Vandellas are likely suspects.

According to this report the students have set their policy in relation to the Iranian Government.
Tehran students are claiming to be at war with their government after a massive campaign of repression, with arrests and convictions taking place on university campuses.

In recent weeks more than one hundred students were arrested, with many of them tried by the Revolutionary courts and sentenced to prison.

Pro-Western courses have been replaced with Islamic theology and female students have been told not to wear clothes that are considered to be too colourful or innapropriate.

Dress codes for women, inspired by Islamic morals are imposed, while the length of young men’s hair is also regulated.

Concerns of violence have been raised over a student demonstration which has been scheduled to take place on 7th December.

The government has said it intends to eradicate the new wave of dissent on the eve of a massive protest.
Good luck with that. The government either has to start massive executions in the streets or give up. If they continue with half measures they will eventually fall.

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