Friday, December 25, 2009

Just Words

There has been a discussion in the comment section of Watts Up With That about the use of tow vs toe in the phrase "Toe the line". It means not exceeding bounds or limits.

A commenter there said:

Aaagh! I can’t stand it any longer! The phrase is “toeing the line” i.e. “not stepping over the line” not ‘towing the line.” Nobody is pulling a line or rope anywhere – and even if such a phrase existed, it would not make sense in the context of the complaints here, that the mainstream media is failing to move forward with investigative journalism. Maxx is not the only one who uses the wrong word.
I dunno. I'm up on toe vs tow and I think it makes perfect sense.

Line = official position. As in "The current Communist Party Line on Global warming...."

So towing the line would mean supporting the official position through heavy labor. As in "haul on the bowline, we sang that melody...." (those of you of a "certain age" will get the reference).

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Anonymous said...

Can you explain the difference between a TAH-KAH-MOCK and a Tokamak?

Did the former come from a Native American fusion research program?

I figured you would know since you know everything.

Unknown said...

Dear 99,

As you, I come here for to bask in MSimons wisdom and learn new stuff.

As an atmospheric physicist (I'm not sure if I've ever come over any of your published papers - do you publish under a different name?), you may take an interest in this piece from WUWT, which references native US research on insolation and tropospheric warming.

Please feel free to provide something of similar relevance to MSimons writing if you ever come over it. We'll all benefit if we share, you know.


linearthinker said...


You should consider building a Lego Tokamak down there in mom's basement.

Send us a picture when you're done.