Monday, December 28, 2009

I Need Some Help

My monitor died a few days back. So posting will be intermittent depending on my access to a computer. I would love to buy a new monitor but I'm living on Social Security (due to some financial reverses and illness in the family) so I barely make ends meet from month to month.

There are a few ways you can help. One is when you buy stuff from Amazon use this link:


I get a small percentage from Amazon and it doesn't raise your cost by even one cent.

Another way is to use the Donation Buttons on the sidebar (Amazon or PayPal) to send funds directly.

There is a third way. You could hire me to write. In fact I would be willing to write a blog post on a topic of your choice (my point of view) for a donation. Let me know what you want.

Thank you all for your continued support.


Tom Bridgeland said...

How about a donated monitor? I may be able to give you an old one that still works. We live pretty near.

Anonymous said...


You've moved up from begging for Ethernet cables to begging for a monitor! How ironic it is that you're one of those right wing po' folk who is too stupid to realize that the Free Market couldn't care less about them!

Of course, since you're an "Aerospace Electronics Engineer" I'm confident that you should be able to fix whatever hardware problem ails you.

M. Simon said...


Thanks for the offer. The monitor that died was a 19" LCD.

From time to time I do schematics for articles that I write and anything short of something similar does not work with the software I use.

APL said...

99%: "You've moved up from begging for Ethernet cables to begging for a monitor!"

I was wondering what the 99% stood for, now I realize it represents 99% human.

I'll just now, drop a couple of $ in your tip jar.


Anonymous said...


I'm 100% certain that you're a complete sucker!

Anonymous said...

99 -

I've been visiting this site for a few weeks now and I have never seen anyone so filled with so much venom. Why are you so angry?

I too disagree nearly 100% with Msimon's politics and rote American arrogance regarding subjects he knows little or nothing about, but I am not going to resort to the personal attacks of your sort. You should leave and get professional help for your anger.

APL said...

99%: "APL. I'm 100% certain that you're a complete sucker!"

If I am honest, I could care less what you think. Not much less, but a little.

It is I think interesting that a person on 'the right' of the political spectrum is prepared to offer tangible assistance when another person asks, whereas somebody who appears to refute ideas of the right and embrace collectivism and 'the herd' should reject normal human interaction and a simple request for help.

I am satisfied with my behavior, yours reinforces my distrust and dislike of collectivists.

On balance the 'right' holds some ideals to be worthwhile, will live and act in accord to those ideals. The 'Left'? they lie.

Unknown said...

I totally agree with APL about '99%' and collectivists in general. By collectivists I mean those people who want to run other peoples' lives for them - because they know best. Sadly, that's very evident in America today. Hopefully this November, this sorry state of affairs will start to be redressed.

The free market isn't perfect, not by a long shot. But in terms of lifting people out of poverty, there is nothing to touch it. Nothing that collectivists could put together anyhow.

And guess what 99%, I guess I'm a sucker too, because I just hit the donate button.