Friday, October 30, 2009

Ron Paul Agrees With Michael Moore

Both are against corpratism (the old word for corpratism used to be fascism). The union of government and large corporations. On some other things they are not entirely in agreement. This is a nice discussion of the problems with medical care in America.

H/T Below The Beltway


dr kill said...

Not to change the subject, but where did I read an article about the physics of green power v the limits of space, wind and water to produce power?

M. Simon said...

I don't know.

The big problem (and it is being slowly solved) is costs.

dr kill said...

M, the big problem is that alternative power can not possibly provide the energy required by our economy. There is not enough land for solar,wind, or tidal, or footpounds of water for hydro. It is physically impossible. Math does not lie.

Only nucs could do it.

M. Simon said...

Actually, I have done the math. The power is there. What is not there is storage - the kind that can store power economically for 6 months. The other part of the equation is price. That is not there - yet.

There is enough wind in the USA to run the USA. The problem is demand peaks in summer and wind peaks in winter. And solar is the opposite.

And wind - despite what the anti-wind folks tell you is not a land hog. A wind farm can be dual use - if done right. The actual land area of a wind farm is under 1% of the area covered. You can farm under it.

Will all these problems get solved? Eventually. It may take 50 or 100 years though.

Which is why I still like coal, oil, nuclear, and the prospects of fusion.