Thursday, October 15, 2009

Charles Johnson Not A Child Molester

Ace has a bit up in which he claims that Charles Johnson of LGF asserts he is not a child molester. Now it is true that I have no proof in the matter but it could very well be true. My knowledge is limited, but as far as I know Mr. Johnson has never been charged with molesting boys or girls. And certainly if he wasn't charged he could not have been convicted. He could not even plead guilty unless he was charged.

I agree with Ace here. It is bad to accuse Mr. Charles Johnson of things he is not demonstrably guilty of especially in an area as explosive as child molesting. Which Mr. Johnson assures us that he has never participated in. I believe him.

But Charles, you are a very experienced blogger. You have to know that calling attention to such trivia does not help.


Larry Sheldon said...

My TTRATMRB is getting smaller and smaller since so many are now on the drive-traffic-to-Charles-Johnson kick.

I may have to get a life if this keeps up.

Larry Sheldon said...


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