Wednesday, October 07, 2009

China Beats Detroit

It looks like America will get two new hybrid auto companies from China.

A startup car company run by a Chinese businessman unveiled four prototype vehicles on Tuesday that it hopes to build at a proposed multibillion-dollar car plant in northwestern Mississippi.

GreenTech Automotive Inc. planned to break ground later in the day on what officials said would be a $6.5 billion plant on 1,500 acres Tunica County, south of Memphis, Tenn. The company said it has an option to buy more land as needed.
There was a little dust up among the original partners and now there are two car companies where there was one.
GreenTech was formerly known as Hybrid Kinetic Automotive Corp., but that changed after Wang and Yeung split. The men fought for control of the company before reaching a settlement in July. Both said they will move forward with plans to build 1 million cars a year, though Yeung is now planning to build a plant in Alabama.

Yeung and Wang fought over the terms of their "handshake" business deal and whether they were partners or whether Wang worked for Yeung, according to filings in U.S. District Court in northern Mississippi. Each man accused the other of dubious business practices.
A messy divorce no doubt.

Did you notice that both companies are building plants in the South? Far away from union strangled Detroit. And did you notice that both Alabama and Mississippi are right to work states?

Look for the union label. And if you find one don't buy it. Or set up a plant where unions are strong. Government Motors and Crisis Motors show that unions are the kiss of death for business. Soon it will become evident that union contracts are also the kiss of death for government. Heh.

Ah. But that is not all. Unions and high costs are killing the movie business in California. Three movies got made in California last year. So where are the movies getting made? In right to work states mostly. See the comments at the link. Heh. Heh.


simentt said...

Yay! The US is going to make cars again.

This is significantly better than the US government paying the Finns and Al Gore to make luxury cars.

Of course, I'd prefer a Nokia car over an Apple car, but that's just me again.


Cas said...

Yes but did you notice this part ?
Core technologies that will be used in the manufacturing process have been developed in Europe, according to the company. Wang said a German corporation will design the engineering of the automobiles, while the hybrid engine will be designed by another German independent engine research and design company.
So much for all those wonderful, "hi-tech, high paying" jobs going to Americans...

M. Simon said...


Did you notice that the prototypes were done in China?