Sunday, May 31, 2009

White Roses

By now you have probably heard of Energy Secretary Chu's plan to paint the roofs in America white to fight global warming.

He should have had a talk with Alice about the big mistake that was made in Wonderlandby painting the roses red. So how about some appropriate mood music?

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Anonymous said...


When the time comes that your exhaustive efforts fail to improve the Polywell's Q of 1e-5, may I suggest coating the vacuum chamber with a forest of vertically aligned carbon nanotubes, thus creating the closest known approximation to a blackbody on Earth!

Otherwise, you can always try something a bit more your speed: Dupont Duco #71 Wrought Iron Black paint available from Home Depot with emissivity of ~0.98 at 3 microns. By doing so, you and the rest of your merry band of True Believers will actually end up generating a pittance of energy. You in particular, Msimon, can then boastfully add another brilliant engineering success to your long and illustrious record of innovation.