Saturday, May 23, 2009

Gun Owners Up In Arms

Evidently Mr. Obama can't get gun regulation/confiscation through the Congress in the normal manner so he is trying an end run by getting the Senate to pass a treaty.

You can read more about it at this Department of State site. Here is just one provision:
Technical Assistance and Training. Parties agree to cooperate to better ensure adequate training in such areas as identification and tracing; intelligence gathering; and detection methods and search protocols at borders.
So we are going to have Secret Police going after gun owners in America? How well has that worked out for drug users? Have they curtailed drug use much?

And what is Mr. Obama's rationalization for this effort? To keep criminals from getting guns for use in the Drug War. That should be about as effective as keeping the criminals from getting drugs. Like all failed socialist policies new laws are required to make up for the failures of the previous set of policies. The Drug War begets a War On Guns. I have been beating this drum for years, warning gun rights folks that the Drug War was going to be used against them. It is unfortunate that the vast majority of Gun Rights folks haven't been paying attention.

For those of you interested in a little history may I suggest: The Founders' Second Amendment: Origins of the Right to Bear Arms.

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Anonymous said...

HOLY F**N' CRAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Did Lou Dobbs just come down on the right side of an issue???

I think I am going to be sick!

I have no particular fascination with guns. Most of the people I know who own them do so for hunting and while I might enjoy target practice as a sport if given the chance I doubt I would want to be responsible for keeping and storing a gun permanently. But knowing that there are people out there who do own them and can be counted on in times of government coup or zombie attack, is certainly comforting.

In the end though, it is not constitutional amendments that will preserve the right to firearms but the decentralization of the means of production. As computer aided metal-machining workshops become easier to set up and run, it is going to become impossible to prevent firearms from being produced in any garage, just about anywhere.