Thursday, May 21, 2009

Louisa Lockhart

Lousia Lockhart

The lovely lady in the picture is Louisa Lockhart, from the UK. What I find most attractive about her, and there is a lot to like, is her million watt smile.

Since I found her, we have been in a rather animated Facebook conversation. She is just 19 and working on a degree in Marine Biology. Here is what she has to say about herself:
I'm 19, and a student at the University of Liverpool. I'm studying Biology and I hope to go into Marine Biology next year. I love any kind of music, I love my dogs, and I practice yoga everyday. I love taking photos, and also having photos taken of me! I love being naked, or in something that makes me feel really sexy. I hate tights but I love long socks. If you bought me sweet strawberry cake I'd love you forever!
Here is what I found most endearing:
I wish to become successful with my glamour model career when I am finishing my degree. When I graduate, I want to raise money for our Navy, Army and RAF.

I love the sea, and I want to live on the coast somewhere.
I promised to get her some publicity to boost her career in modeling which is why I did this post. Enjoy.

Good luck to you Louisa in what ever you endeavor.

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Anonymous said...

You can stop the infantile drooling and pull your pants up anytime now...