Monday, May 18, 2009

Let Me Read It Again, If I Can Find The Page

I believe this will not end well for Pelosi.

H/T Pajamas Media which has an excellent discussion of the likely outcome. Short version: Pelosi under the bus.

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Neil said...

President Obama is trying to neuter Congress. "Kill the chicken, and let the monkeys watch". He got rolled on the "stimulus" bill, and Pelosi is going to be the example, with the full-throated assistance of the Republican party.

It's a political work of art, but I'm terrified of the consequences.

M. Simon said...


Explain to me how he got rolled on the stimulus bill. I have been busy with engineering and haven't kept up.

Neil said...

I'm probably alone in this opinion, but I think he didn't really intend the stimulus bill to be nothing but lard. I think he handed it to Pelosi and Reid and expected them to write an actual stimulus package. He really campaigned for it as though he thought he was getting the real deal.


Pastorius said...

Your theory, then, is that Obama knowingly allowed (in fact, signed into law), a $700 billion expenditures bill to go through out of sheer laziness.

That's dereliction of duty, Neil.

is Obama incompetent, or is he just another machine politician, or, as those who really hate him claim, is he trying to bankrupt the United States?

Pastorius said...

By the way, my Word Verification to the previous comment was


A hint towards Obama's motives?

Neil said...

Not laziness--he went out and campaigned for it, putting his own political chips on it, before he saw the end product. When he tried to intervene in the sausage-making Pelosi told him to "butt out". When he got the useless, larded-up pig on his desk, he had no choice but to sign it (at least as he saw it), having already campaigned for it.

I suspect that Pelosi's current difficulties are payback. Although she set herself up for it.