Saturday, March 28, 2009

Not A Drug Free America

David E. Krahl, the former Deputy Director of Drug Free America Foundation has had a change of heart about medical marijuana.

Contrary to scientific opinion, the U.S. government still posits that marijuana has no medical value. Not only has the government used this position to harmfully intrude in the lives of our most vulnerable citizens, it has done so with scorn for the voters and legislatures that enacted state medical marijuana laws. Even though the White House had earlier indicated its intent to end federal raids in medical marijuana states, the yet still-seated Bush Administration officials continued a policy of rabid enforcement based on expediency. For example, even after President Obama took office on January 20, six licensed medical marijuana dispensaries were raided by the DEA.

There was a point in my professional career as Deputy Director of the Drug Free America Foundation when I supported the prohibition of marijuana as medicine. But then, I experienced a change of heart, if you will; a moment of clarity, an epiphany.
About time. One thing about all these "epiphany" guys is that they will spout the party line as long as some one is paying them. Once the pay checks stop coming they change their tune. Funny how that works.

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