Thursday, March 12, 2009

Guns And Drugs

The Democrats are going to use prohibition induced violence to take away our gun rights. Because only criminals should be allowed to have guns or drugs.

I have been saying for several decades that drug prohibition would lead to gun prohibition. Way to go Conservatives. Because like you know. Prohibition works.

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Hoots said...

Yo, boss! Here's a link fer you.

Clearly the answer to Mexico and the rest of Latin America’s narcotics woes is beyond tossing money, guns and boots on the ground at. It’s a matter of rethinking what are obviously dysfunctional policies both in the US and internationally. As the Economist report suggests, politician’s need to stop pushing a wholly ineffective utopian policy and settle for the “least bad” policy, legalisation.

Yes this will result in negative consequences to states that follow this course as they deal with the social fall out of increased addiction rates and drug related medical issues. That’s why it’s a “least bad” policy. I agree with Thomas Barnett, that this can be better dealt with as a medical issue than it is currently being dealt with as a criminal issue.