Sunday, March 15, 2009

Not A Believer

I just found out that I don't believe in GOD. And I can tell you that I couldn't be happier.

Government Of Democrats

Of course I'd like to see Republicans get a spine. Every time they want to spend like drunken sailors all they have to do is say: "but I'm against abortion". And the Republican faithful say "well um, OK, I guess, maybe" and the big spenders get a pass. That is how we got Mike "Food Police" Huckabee in the primaries. He didn't stand for anything that could be considered Republican except "you know where I stand on abortion".

And naturally the Democrats take the opposite tack. "I'm for abortion, pay no attention to the earmarks for my contributors."

All this attention to the plumbing. While the bastards steal us blind.

H/T Volokh Conspiracy comments.

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tomcpp said...

You're right. We should all get back to stating how cocaine really isn't a threat to anyone's well-being, instead of having all these pointless discussions about such trivialities as killing human beings.

Even though "there's no fury like a woman scorned" is about women, it seems a strangely appropriate response to this post.

RavingDave said...

MSimon has a valid point. The party of Fiscal conservatism has been anything but, starting with George Bush I and II and going through most of the Republican congress. They all make me so mad I want to slap them upside the head. It is Republican excess that was a major reason the Democrats are back in control again.

It appears the only sensible person in the entire senate is Tom Coburn, who I am proud to say is one of mine, but there must be something in the water over there because my other senator seems to be flirting with the dark side. Jim Inhoffe, (whom I strenuously assisted in getting elected) has earmarks in this latest budget bill. Good Grief ! You know you've got a problem when the REPUBLICANS won't stop using earmarks.

I'm gonna have a talk with Jim, next time I see him.


M. Simon said...

They are robbing you blind on the drug war deal too.

All they have to say is "the drug demon is nigh, I will protect you from it hand me all your money" and you hand it over willingly. Despite the fact that not many believe that fighting the drug demon has any affect what so ever.

The number of people who believe police can solve a medical problem is truly astounding. It is a wonder they haven't been put in charge of the FIGHT against cancer. After all the police are trained to fight. Should be a cinch for them.

Anonymous said...

Looks like US ITER just got $124M...

I didn't see anything about Polywellwater research...hmmm...must be coming in another 6-9 months...

Anonymous said...

I still can't believe W is gone...those 8 years seemed like only 8 minutes...