Wednesday, March 04, 2009

A Destructive Agenda

I was sure Obama's election coupled with his agenda would lead to a failure that would be obvious to the majority of Americans within six months of his inauguration. It has taken less than six weeks.

I read an anecdote some where today about a guy who was checking out his purchases at a grocery store and the cashier out of the blue opened up on Obama. Six people in line. Nobody had said anything about politics and the clerk just opened up out of the blue (heh). If Obama has already lost the grocery clerks he and his party are in for a very rough ride over the next four and maybe forty years.

The time may be already here when people start looking back on the inept Bush administration with a sense of wistful nostalgia (OK. I cop to redundancy - it was for emphasis). Many thought - no one could be worse than Bush. We are definitely putting that one to the test. So far it looks to me like Bush is coming out on top. Six weeks.

Here are some pictures of voters expressing their remorse. I especially liked the black guy with a sign which expresses something I have been saying for a while about the "historic" election.

Funny thing is that Obama's rise is mirrored by the stock market fall. What is Obama's ace in the hole in all of this? It is unlikely that the stock market will go below zero. Which, I am sure is a comforting thought for President ∅.

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