Thursday, March 05, 2009

It Gets Progressively Worse

I'm reading No Quarter for a change and I came across a "Progressive" who is unhappy with Obama.

Remember how we (meaning, progressives, liberals, Democrats, fair-minded people) got really upset when the Republican majority used all kinds of tricks to get their way? It made us mad. But now, Obama is thinking of using a little procedural trick that would only require 50 votes to get his energy and health care bills passed. Here’s some more information on this procedure:
Because they can not be filibustered, budget reconciliations only require 50 votes to pass the Senate. Democrats hold strong majorities in Congress, but still come up short of the 60 votes necessary in the Senate to end debate, which makes it easier for Republicans to block legislation. House rules in comparison make it harder for the minority party to stop bills.

Still, using budget reconciliation to pass policy proposals is controversial, even among some Democrats who believe doing so strains Senate rules and tradition.
Take this to heart my Progressive friend: Obama is the most Progressive of Progressives.

He plans to soak (some of) the rich. Carbon taxes will drive energy costs up. And he promises a Civilian Corps (SS) to keep ordinary citizens on the straight and narrow.

Perhaps it is time to rethink your commitment to the Progressive Philosophy. After all the Austrian Corporal was as progressive as they come. And we know how that ended. Or perhaps the Progressive History of the USSR might interest you.

Hayek in The Road to Serfdom explains why progressive politics always ends badly. He wrote it in 1944 when the trajectory was still fresh.

Obama is not an aberration. He is the inevitable end result of Progressive Thought. There is no New Socialist Man. There are just the same greedy bastards. Bad enough in business: but at least there you can set them against each other (you know - competition). The Maker help us when the greedy bastards get unchecked government power.

And we now have the smoothest talking “progressive” greedy bastard we have seen in a long time as head of government with a Congress filled mostly with his minions.


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rumcrook said...

im enjoying it.


the mask is off. no more pretense that they arent socialists, they are doing everything they want right down to looting the treasury.

in the end even americans who dont pay attention or those that only listen to the obama lackeys (the msm) will be aware how badly zero's socialist hopey changey agenda has de-railed our economy.

we will see no jobs created, and more inability to pay our bills coupled with a rising cost of those bills.

and he will have solved nothing.

1 year. that is when most people will start to realize the king is without cloths.

rumcrook said...

and we will be endangered around the globe from enboldened enemies who see his re-tread chamberlain apeasement as the weakness that it is.

predators cannot be reasoned with only frightened into withdrawl or destroyed.