Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Al Jazeera Discusses Drug Legalization

I got this clip from Transform where they explain a bit about the show.
...debate drug legalisation/regulation with Anne Widdecombe MP on David Frost's Al Jazeera show; 'Frost over the World'. This was significant in that the show is broadcast to an audience we rarely access - 140 million households internationally (although not, presumably, anything like that many actual viewers) - mostly in the Middle East, where the drug law reform debate is historically some way behind Western Europe and the Americas.

Anne Widdecombe (who was very personable and charming in the green room) is famously outspoken on the issue (she has clashed with Transform before), and one of the most public voices (along with Melanie Phillips) for a particular form of moral authoritarianism in the drugs debate, which is, IMHO, rooted in ideology rather than evidence and rational analysis.
They have more plus links.

It is interesting that even in the most conservative of regions drug policy is now on the table. I'd say that the problem has more than a few people around the world bothered.

H/T Drug Policy Forum of Texas

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tomcpp said...

Arabs have always historically had legalized drugs. At the very least in practice.

You know if the Taliban were in power in America, I'd be in favor of drug (and euthanasia) legalisation too.

On the other hand, if you want to know exactly what drugs can do to a society, look up the pictures of Mogadishu before it was shot to shreds.

M. Simon said...

And if you want to know what drug prohibition can do to a society look at Chicago in the 1920s or Juarez, Mexico in 2009.

Drug War crime and corruption - already in a city near you. And heaven knows we do not have near enough corrupt police and politicians in America.