Thursday, January 01, 2009

Less Than 1% of Palistinian Families Are Suffering

How did I come up with that number? Glad you asked. CNN reports that

"Hundreds of families in the Gaza Strip are suffering, not only [from] the fear of airstrikes, but also the lack of electricity, lack of water, lack of food supplies," Saud Abu Ramadan, a freelance journalist who lives in Gaza City, told CNN's "American Morning."
A terrible tragedy to be sure.

So let us run the numbers. First let us go with the official population figure of 1.5 million. Then let us say that hundreds of families is 300, and further let us assume that each extended family has 20 people. That would then make it .4% of the families in Gaza are undergoing serious hardship. And if the the official propagandist journalist is exaggerating for effect it is probably a lot less than that.


rumcrook said...

did reporters worry about japanese families suffering when the united states was trying to win ww2 ?

and since japan was full on behind its war machine, making them suffer was the only way to end it with us winning.

I would say that the same applies to the palistinians of gaza. they voted in hamas.

we should note its pretty quite on the west bank.

Hoots said...

Charles Krauthammer's piece this morning makes the point with pristine clarity.