Saturday, January 24, 2009

Underground Racism

A lot of folks think that the Black Lawn Jockey is a symbol of racism. Well no. They were actually used as markers for the Underground Railway.
I knew this because my Quaker GGGrandfather’s farm was a stop on the Underground Railway and he suffered for it. When we traveled back and forth across the Mason-Dixon line when I was growing up, my Dad would give me a nickel for every lawn jockey I spotted and then use my interest as a time to teach the history of the struggle to protect the slaves, who had escaped North with the help of my Quaker ancestors and their friends..

I agree with the statement: “Oftentimes, PC insanity destroys meaningful history.”
The wiki attributes the creation of the Black Lawn Jockeys to George Washington who created the first one to honor a hero of the Revolutionary War.

So I guess honoring a Black hero is now proof of racism. Well OK. We can fix that.
I hope everyone is satisfied.

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