Monday, January 12, 2009

Halting The Cartels

Former anti-narcotics officer Terry Nelson says - the only way to halt the drug cartels is to legalize drugs.

As a retired federal officer with over three decades of service, many of those years spent fighting America's "war on drugs," I was pleased to read that the El Paso City Council unanimously called for a long overdue discussion on the effectiveness of our nation's drug policies.

You might be surprised that a veteran anti-drug agent would be glad the council specifically said drug legalization should be included in this new national conversation.

But in my view, based on what I saw on both sides of the border over my career, ending drug prohibition is the only sure-fire way to end the cartel violence that is terrorizing El Paso's sister city of Ciudad Juárez and others across Mexico.

The cartel leaders who control illegal drug production and distribution never hesitate to kill each other, police or anyone who stands in the way of their rich profits.

And the alarming increase in illegal drug-market violence Mexico has seen over the last two years is because of -- and not despite -- President Felipe Calderon's ramped-up war against traffickers. As top bosses are busted, others violently struggle to take their place, and the cycle continues.

Only when we take away their profit margins by legalizing drugs will the cartels' financial incentive for murder disappear.
Nice to hear it from an expert in the field.

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RavingDave said...

Have you ever read Larry Niven ? In one of his stories, (ringworld engineers, I think) he tells the story of "Wire addicts." People who use electricity to stimulate the pleasure center of their brain. The newbies use an induction helment to accomplish the task, while the old pros have an operation to get a wire implanted with an external socket that they can plug into a power supply.

Seems like this would be a pretty good work around for people who didn't like the hassle of dealing with the legal system over drugs.