Sunday, January 04, 2009

A Broken Hands Policy

Hamas is breaking hands and shooting feet of Fatah supporters in Gaza.

The Hamas government has placed dozens of Fatah members under house arrest out of fear that they might exploit the current IDF operation to regain control of the Gaza Strip.

Fatah officials in Ramallah told The Jerusalem Post that Hamas militiamen had been assaulting many Fatah activists since the beginning of the operation last Saturday. They said at least 75 activists were shot in the legs while others had their hands broken.

Wisam Abu Jalhoum, a Fatah activist from the Jabalya refugee camp, was shot in the legs by Hamas militiamen for allegedly expressing joy over the IDF air strikes on Hamas targets.
It looks like Hamas has a two front war on its hands. Or maybe three or four. And what ever happened to that national unity government between Fatah and Hamas we used to hear so much about? Haven't they heard that a house divided will not stand? In addition having to guard their own people reduces their fighting strength.
Meanwhile, sources close to Hamas revealed over the weekend that the movement had "executed" more than 35 Palestinians who were suspected of collaborating with Israel and were being held in various Hamas security installations.

The sources quoted Hamas officials as saying that the decision to kill the suspected collaborators was taken out of fear that Israel might try to rescue them during a ground offensive. The officials claimed that at least half of the victims were killed by relatives of Palestinian militiamen who were killed as a result of information passed on to Israel by the "collaborators."
Civilization has at last come to Gaza in the form of more blood feuds. This has got to end badly. For all concerned.

It appears to me that the real dynamic is "last man left standing". If Fatah stays out of the fight it will gain strength. If Hamas does not fight they will lose face. If they do fight they will lose fighters. A win-win for Fatah.

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rumcrook said...

as much as I think fatah is scum also I hope they come out on top.