Thursday, October 09, 2008

Too Risque - Needs A Coverup

It seems that Mr. Obama is not proud of his friends. It also looks like McCain is going after this with everything he has got.
I suspect this is not the end of this subject, either. I’d expect at least one more ad featuring John Murtaugh, the son of the judge whose home got bombed by the Weather Underground. Murtaugh, who is running for the New York state legislature, has already released a statement through the McCain campaign attacking Obama for associating with an unrepentant leader of the terrorist organization that tried to kill him as a boy. I’m certain he will happily participate in an ad to put a human face on Ayers’ terrorism.
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99% said...

John McCain thinks science literacy is pork barrel waste.

I wonder if he even knows what a planetarium is...

Legal Sodium said...

@99% why does the gov have to fund EVERYTHING? smells like socialism.

@simon: speaking of matters economic, mccain had better come out with something shortly. people aren't going to care if obama was partners w/ satan himself if they see their 401k's go up in smoke.