Saturday, October 18, 2008

Bill Ayers Is Personna Non Grata

The renowned educationalist Bill Ayers will not be speaking at the University of Nebraska. The Omaha World Herald had this to say:

Just 11 days after next month’s election, the University of Illinois-Chicago professor, William Ayers, is scheduled to speak at a student research conference held by the UNL College of Education and Human Science.

Gov. Dave Heineman released a statement saying that UNL leaders should not allow Ayers, a 1960s radical-turned-professor at the University of Illinois, to talk during a campus event on Nov. 15.

“Chairman of the Board of Regents Chuck Hassebrook and President of the University J.B. Milliken should immediately rescind the invitation extended to Bill Ayers to speak at the University,” the governor said. “This is an embarrassment to the University of Nebraska and the State of Nebraska. Bill Ayers is a well known radical who should never have been invited to the University of Nebraska.”

Meanwhile, Sen. Ben Nelson, D-Nebraska, today said in a statement that he is disappointed that UNL invited William Ayers to speak on campus Nov. 15.

“His past involvement in a violent protest group and incendiary comments are not consistent with the agenda of unity that we need in America today,” Nelson said. “I encourage the university to reconsider this decision.”
Evidently the visit by the world renowned Ayers has been canceled due to "safety concerns" - translation: some politicians are concerned with the safety of their jobs.

What is striking is that Ayers is an important deal politically in Nebraska. That says that the word is out on this mope and it isn't doing Obama any good in the rest of America either.

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Webrider said...

I wish you were right on the dope being out on the unrepentant terrorist and his despicable wife, but the MSM is covering it up so deeply for the annointed one that I fear most don't know. The people in power who reacted to this travesty and apparently stopped it, have keener antennae for risk than the average citizen just now waking up to the fact there is an election in a couple of weeks.

linearthinker said...

It's appeared to me for a long time that the leftists own the humanities at NU. Good for the Gov and Sen Nelson, but the Regents and Chancellor never should have let it get to the point where politicians had to step in.