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Meet Don Manzullo

The guys from the Rockford Tea Party are having a meet up with Illinois Congressman Don Manzullo from 9 to 10:30 a.m. Saturday Aug 8th at the DeKalb County Farm Bureau, 1350 W. Prarie Drive, Sycamore, Illinois and from Noon to 1:30 p.m. Saturday, Aug, 8 at the Ogle County Farm Bureau, 421 W. Pines, Oregon, Illinois.

BTW Oregon is about 1/2 way between Rockford, Illinois and Dixon Illinois. And if you go a little farther you get to Tampico, Illinois the birthplace of Ronald, Reagan.

The Rockford Register Star had a bit on the local Tea Party People. From June 22nd 2009.

A man who walked from his Rockford home to Washington, D.C., will speak to the Rockford Tea Party at the group’s meeting Thursday night.

The Rockford Tea Party, a group that’s part of a national movement that aims to hold government accountable, originally was supposed to meet at the First Free Evangelical Church on Mulford Road. But after church administrators heard radio ads inviting the public to the meeting, they informed the group they could not use the church as a meeting space.

The group now will meet at the Highland School building on East State Street.

Kurt Kallenbach walked from Rockford to Washington, D.C., with the hopes of educating others about the government’s missteps.

“It was a philosophical walk, not a political walk,” Kallenbach, 48, said. “It gave me a chance to meet people across the country and get the opportunity to speak.”

Kallenbach said church administrators canceled the Rockford Tea Party’s meeting within an hour of his interview on radio station WNTA 1330 AM on Tuesday.

“The church kicked us out,” said David Hale, director of the Rockford Tea Party. He said he received “an angry phone call” from an employee of the church who told him the Rockford Tea Party’s values are not the values of the church.
The Tea Party People promise to also meet with Rep. Mark Kirk at a later date.

I have had a few words to say about Rep. Kirk here:

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