Tuesday, August 11, 2009

A Middle Of The Night Visit From Thugs

Here is the New York Post article mentioned in the video. I had a few words about it at Palin On The Health Care Bill.

It seems that the bill is getting a lot of support from union members. I wonder why that is? Why not let the union guys speak for themselves.
Mel Hoffer, 67, of Monroe, a retired Ford quality control worker, said he supports reforms because the country needs it. There’s no assurance autoworkers will continue to get health care they now have. “We don’t know what’s going to happen.”

Mel Hoffer, 67, of Monroe, a retired Ford Motor Co. employee, said retired autoworkers have no guarantees. “We may need something to fall back on,” he said.
I wonder if that is a typo or if they quoted the same guy twice? In any case what is wrong with Medicare and Medicaid? Don't union workers have access to that if they have no other plan?

And how about some dissent from the union stance by a person associated with Ford.
...Fadwa Gillanders, a Henry Ford Health System pharmacist, said no changes are needed.

"I work with poor people all the time," she said. "Nothing is left wanting in ... America."
So why does the government want to get control of health care so badly? Here is one guy who thinks he knows.
John Rhen, 68, of Troy wasn't buying it.

"They're going to take over everything. It's socialism," he said. "I don't want some bureaucrat making health decisions for me and my family."
I think it is not just "some bureaucrat" they are worried about. Insurance companies already have those. I think it is some bureaucrat backed by government guns. Or for plausible deniability union goon squads.

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