Sunday, April 20, 2008

Getting Freaked

The Leftys have a new name for the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy. The Freak Show.

It looks to me very much like the Obama crowd is getting Freaked.


J Carlton said...

Hannity asked Stephanopolis if he would ask the question about Ayers and Stephonoplis said he would. Much as hate to say this about a Clintonoid my appreciation of Mr Stephonopolis went up a lot for three reasons. One he went on Hannity's program in the first place.

Two the that he did not wobble around whether he would ask the question or not. Three he asked the question when he had to know that it was going to upset a lot of his friends.
What Obama doesn't understand is that a presidential campaign is a test for the most difficult job in the world. We, the voters get to watch the candidates perform under the worst stress possible and see how they perform. It's not supposed to be smooth and its not supposed to be easy. If you can't handle question about your relationships how are you going to handle being across the table from somebody who wants you dead.

M. Simon said...


Excellent points. Nice to know the back story.